Firehouse Pepper Jack (PG) 16oz
Firehouse Pepper Jack (PG) 16oz

Firehouse Pepper Jack (PG) 16oz

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You're looking at our spiciest cheese.

Mike's Fire House Jack is about dedication and integrity to flavor, mirroring the characteristics of Mike when he served his firehouse.

What you can expect? The heat of jalapenos and red chili peppers first, then the cooling combo effect of cilantro and parsley. The grand finale of this cheese is one of lasting buttery goodness. It is hot here!

You can melt this all over nachos, bake it into biscuits or layer it into bean dip. Heat up any of your favorite dishes.

Delicious pairings include Pinot Noir and Chardonnay wines, as well as Amber Ales and hoppy beers like IPA.